About Us

Welcome to Untroubled Southern, I am Kristen and it has been my dream to create this online boutique to bring you the best of baby and children's clothes, accessories, toys and gifts. At Untroubled Southern we believe in classic and fun styles for children and our mission is to find these styles and make them readily available because we know how busy and exhausting motherhood is. We strive to provide families with amazing customer service and a fantastic shopping experience so you leave feeling happy and excited about new outfits for your children. No long shopping trips to the store or trying to sift through a messy rack when all you want is to have more free time to play with those sweet babies. Children should get to look like children and of course play all day! We hope you love it here and if you have any questions or need anything at all we are only an email away.



Kristen Waldron

Owner of Untroubled Southern